Day Tour in Nepal

We welcome you to have amazing Day Tours in our beautiful country Nepal. If you are looking forward to take less travelled roads and make amazing memories by carrying out activities such as doing yoga on the lap of himalayas, rafting, hiking, heli tours and many more then Day Tours is the perfect option for you. 

We understand that not every person who visits Nepal has weeks to explore the country. In such cases, Day Tours are the solutions for you so that you can make most out of this trip. Our trips leads you into various parts of the country. We urge you to immerse yourself on the lifestyle of the people of places you visit and learn about their cultures and traditions whilst you are on the tour and enjoy the winding alleyways, secluded cloisters and other hidden places around the city areas. 

We promise you to make our Day Tours an amazing memory of your life by being your companion in experiencing the magic of Nepal, our customs, traditions and lifestyles.

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